5 Fun Autumn Activities for You and Your Dog to Welcome the Season

Sweater weather has arrived for most of the United States and many of us are excited to breakout the long sleeves and get our dog sweaters out of the closet. There are so many great activities to enjoy with your dog during autumn now that the heat of summer is behind us and the risk of overheating your pup has been reduced. Here are our top 5! 
Visit a Farm
Given the isolation that 2020 has brought for some, visiting a local farm and enjoying the ample space to walk and run freely could be a good thing for you and your pup, and chances are good that the farm owners might appreciate the visit. Call in advance to ensure the visit is welcome, and make sure you are prepared to control your pup on the property. Here in North Carolina, we love Kersey Valley Farm in Archdale, North Carolina, but no matter where you live we’re sure there is a farm in your area that allows pets and would love to have you and your pup visit. Remember to take a photo with a farm backdrop for fun memories. 
Visit an Apple Orchard
One of the best ways to enjoy Autumn’s crisp fall weather with your furry friend is to spend the day walking through an Apple orchard or the local harvest equivalent in your state, such as a corn maze or berry patch. In North Carolina, we love Asheville and the more often we can visit with our shop dog Henri the better. One of our favorite places is Grandad’s Apples. If you choose to pick your own apples from the orchard always remember to share with your dog for some healthy munching along the way. Make sure the apples are cut small and free of seeds, which do present dangerous compounds and present a choking hazard, but once cut small with the seeds removed the sweet, crisp apple will be hydrating and soothing for your dog. 
Hike a Local Trail
The first moments of morning are a great time for you and your dog to spend some time walking a local trail. Bring your leather clutch with your ID and bank card and pack a few waste bags for the walk. Put a leash on your pup that is short enough to manage the excitement through the parking lot as you hit the trailhead. If you don't get to go hiking often it is good to break out of your routine and take in some new sights while your dog gets to appreciate the new scents other than those around your neighborhood. 
Visit a Pumpkin Patch
With Halloween right around the corner, many states in the U.S. will have pumpkin patches popping up around your town. This year, instead of simply heading over to a local store to pick up a pumpkin and leaving, turn it into a day trip. Your pup will be glad you did. Most patches are very accommodating to dogs, but it is still smart to give them a call before heading out. Last year Gianni Cooling started a tradition where we would let our shop dog Henri pick out our pumpkin and he found the perfect pumpkin to turn into a jack-o’-lantern.
Jump In a Big Leaf Pile
We all did it as kids or at least we hope you did. Why not share the nostalgia with your dogs. The falling leaves are beautiful and many dog owners plan to rake them up anyway, so why not make it a game to share with your dog. Rake the leaves together in one big pile and make sure to keep your dog inside or else he will preemptively start the game. Once the pile is complete, let your dog loose and make sure to jump in too and let the memories come rolling back to you. If you don’t want to jump in, make sure to capture the event on video and share it with us on Instagram at #giannicooling - we can’t wait to watch.
That’s a wrap! Did you find what you were looking for? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts, and if you want the perfect dog collar and leash set to complete the look while you practice tricks with your pup, check out Gianni Cooling and follow us on Instagram @GianniCooling

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