Our Story


It all began in the heart of Southern Europe, in a small town nestled between France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany where Gianni was formally trained at a high-end European shoemaker. The young designer was daydreaming about her upcoming wedding and move to the U.S.A. after a long-lasting romantic love story that began on a ship, sailing from Greece to Italy, where she met a charming and adventurous backpacker, her now husband. Their romance spanned continents, countries and many years of distant overseas love, and it was finally becoming reality with a home in Raleigh and a new puppy, Henri, to look forward to. Feeling inspired in her hometown, the birthplace of the Rottweiler, Gianni began experimenting with leather and created a bow tie, then picked it up and fastened it to her dog's collar. A walk through the cobblestone streets of Europe, a handful of compliments, and the first Gianni Cooling design was born.


 The streets of Gianni's hometown in Europe

 In Raleigh, Gianni found herself searching for all kinds of new dog products for her Bernedoodle, Henri. She quickly realized how difficult it was to find nontoxic, chemical-free and designer quality pet products in the U.S.A. The products sold online were all made of plastic and sourced from countries that used cheap, toxic materials that were not made to last. Gianni already had her best-kept secret, the leather dog bow tie collar. She set out to create the highest quality pet products on the market, including collars, leashes, toys, accessories and more. It was serendipity once again, and the woman entrepreneur and founder of Gianni Cooling, the brand for the modern dog owner, set out to change the pet industry in the most positive and beautiful way possible, and quickly gained a cult following.

Gianni Cooling is the brand for the modern dog owner because the modern dog owner cares about the form, function, design and most of all the holistic health and happiness of the dog and the owner. It is about products that are not only sustainable and eco-friendly, but are high quality, fashion-forward and long-lasting. It's about blending European design principles with functional leather work using recycled materials that will never go out of style. Gianni Cooling products are the perfect fit for everyday activities, such as dog parks, dog birthdays or as holiday gifts and designed to suit both the dog and its owner.

Handcrafted in small batches, ethically sourced from Europe and the U.S.A., and designed with the environment, sustainability, and the health of the dogs and dog owners is the best description of Gianni Cooling products. At the end of the day, it is the highest quality that defines Gianni Cooling, which is why her direct-to-consumer made-to-order business model will be as long-lasting as her products.