Gianni's top dog costumes for Halloween 2020

What a year it has been and there is no doubt that Halloween 2020 will not be the same as in the past. There will be some traditions we skip this year, and for good reason, but others can gladly take its place. Our vote for the best Halloween tradition of 2020 is the dog costume. We can’t wait to see your dogs dressed up on the #giannicooling Instagram page, and though we won’t be sharing Henri the Gianni Cooling shop dog’s costume today, we want to give you a look into our runner up choices that almost made the cut.

Sushi Dog Costume



Can't think of a great costume for your dog? Get inspired by Gianni's  favorite food—like this sushi outfit!


Flower Pet Costume

courtesy of DIY Network

All you need is felt, elastic, and a sewing kit to turn your puppy into an adorable "flower."

Try the Tutorial at DIY Network


Doctor Dog Costume


It’s tough being a doctor or nurse these days, and we know they need more supporting staff which is why we loved this costume for 2020. Henri is highly intelligent and we thought a doctor costume would be fitting to his character.


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